Kids grow up so fast. It seems that in a moment you went from changing diapers to paying college bills. At each stage of life, children experience different things and go through changes that affect how they relate with the world and you. This section provides you with information on what your child is experiencing at different stages of life and offers suggestions for how to effectively parent your children as they grow up.

Activities Articles

Kids are constantly looking for things to keep them busy. And keeping them busy can be difficult if you’re not used to entertaining kids. This section provides you with information on how to keep your kids active without overwhelming them. Some of the ways you can do that is by enrolling them in music lessons, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

Childcare Articles

There are many childcare options available to you and choosing the right one can be difficult if you have never had to use childcare before. This section provides you with information on how to choose childcare and how to understand childcare costs.

Child Safety Articles

Childhood is a time of exploration. Allow your children to explore life safely by providing them with safe toys and safe environments. This section provides you with information on how to keep your child safe.

Discipline Articles

Disciplining your children can be difficult—especially as they continually outgrow techniques that worked when they were younger. This section provides you with information on different styles of discipline for different ages of development.

Education Articles

A solid education will help your child achieve his or her goals; however, providing your child with that solid educational foundation can be difficult. Many educational opportunities are available for children and understanding the different options your child has may help you place your child in the learning environment that is right for them. This section covers such topics as how to choose a school for your child, getting help with homework, and how to save money for college.

General Articles

Life is full of surprises—especially when children are involved. Children keep you on your toes and make life interesting. This section provides you with information on general parenting issues that may arise as your child grows up.

Home Articles

When you are putting your kids through college, struggling to pay off debts, and/or recovering after an emotionally turbulent divorce, refinancing your home may be the last thing on your mind. However, what you need to know is that your home is probably the most valuable asset you own, and it is crucially important to your financial future—and the future of your children—to make wise decisions regarding this “cash cow…”

Health Articles

Protecting your child from illness is not something you always have control over. Despite the inability to protect your child from everything that has the potential to harm them, there are some things you can do to reduce your child’s risk of contracting a serious disease. From vaccinations to tips on good hygiene, this section provides you with information to help keep your child healthy and strong.

Potty Training

Diapers can be the dumps. And getting your child out of them can really stink. However, the experience doesn’t have to be so sordid if your child is ready and you are prepared. This section provides you with tips on how to potty train your child and how to know when they are ready to start the process.