When buying cabbage look for firm, hard heads that are heavy for their size. The outer leaves should be green (or red for red cabbage) and free from serious blemishes.

Cabbage should be stored at 35 degrees F at very high humidity (90%).

1 pound = 1 1/2 quarts shredded.
1 pound raw yields about 3/4 pound cooked.

Those with thyroid problems should avoid eating large amounts of cabbage or cauliflower. They both interfere with the body’s absorption of iodine, needed by the thyroid gland.

Cut up fresh cabbage, sprinkle it with lemon and enjoy it as a midday snack.

Cabbage is delicious with your favorite tossed salad or pasta dish.

Also, try adding cabbage to vegetable soup.

To prevent strong odors when cooking cabbage, add a whole walnut to the cooking liquid.