Potty Training Your Toddler with a Potty Chart

A potty chart is a tool you use to monitor your child’s progress with potty training. It is also a way to encourage your child’s efforts by displaying their progress and rewarding them with a sticker each time they use the toilet correctly.

To use the potty chart, you must set goals. To begin with, you may set a goal of having your child tell you when they have to go to the bathroom. Then, every time they tell you they have to use the potty, you reward them with a sticker on their chart. At this stage of potty training, you want to reward your child for their attempts to make it to the toilet on time and their ability to inform you that they need to go to the bathroom before they actually go in their underwear or training diapers. To reward your child, place a sticker on the potty chart each time they tell you they have to use the toilet.

As your child is learning to understand the signals his or her body is sending, they may have some accidents along the way. This is normal. It is important that you not scold your child when they have an accident. Your child is trying very hard to please you. Therefore, if your child has an accident, encourage them that they will be able to make it all the way to the toilet next time.

Once your child has mastered this first step of informing you of the need to use the toilet, you will want to set a new goal of making it to the toilet every time. At this stage, you no longer reward your child for expected behavior (e.g., telling you when they need to use the toilet), only for the new goal you are working on.

As your child reaches all of the goals you have set for them and they fill up their potty chart with stickers of progress, you should reward them with a treat or prize of some sort. Perhaps there is a specific toy your child has been asking you for. As you are setting goals for your child, you should let your child know what they will get when they fill up their potty chart with stickers.

It may be a good idea to have smaller prizes for your child when they fill a week’s worth of boxes on their chart. This may help encourage your child as they work toward their final reward. This can be a very positive experience for you and your child if you are consistent in using the potty chart and encouraging your child to meet the goals you set for them.

To access free potty charts online see http://www.pottytrainingconcepts.com/Free-Potty-Training-Charts.htm.